How Does IT Architecture Coaching Work?

If you’re trying to decide if IT Architecture coaching is for you, it may help to understand exactly what your coach will do and how it all works. We’ve created this article to give you a better understanding of coaching.

Basically career coaching provides support to an individual to help them find ways in which they can improve their performance. Your coach will work with you to establish your goals and then create a road map for you to follow throughout the next few months or years.

Most coaching is done over the telephone. Many coaches will never actually meet their clients. Don’t worry about this though; coaching is just as effective over the telephone as it is face-to-face. If this does bother you however it may be possible to find a coach in your local area. But always keep in mind it’s more important to find coach who has all the relevant skills and experience than to find a coach who’s local.

A typical coaching session will last around 45 minutes. After the session you’ll usually have access to free e-mail support and some short 5 – 10 minute support calls. Depending on what you want to achieve your coaching will last from 3 to 6 months, if it’s the CIOs job you’re after maybe even longer.

Listening is more important than talking

Your coach should spend more time listening than talking. You should be talking they should be listening. They should not try to put words into your mouth or try to influence your thoughts in any way. They should be your goals and your thoughts because it’s your life.

What motivates you?

Finding out about exactly motivates you is one of the keys to good coaching. Do you want to work for yourself, is money important to you or do you want to spend more time with your family.

Always offer support and inspire trust

Your coach is not there to judge you in anyway. They’ll provide support and offer advice on the situations you find yourself in. You’ll find yourself talking about some quite intimate things with your coach, so trust is a vital part of this relationship.

Recognise that all needs cannot be met solely by coaching

Your coach is not a super hero they can’t possibly know everything. They must recognise that they don’t know it all and you must realise that too. If there is an area that your coach can’t help you with then they’ll know a professional who can.

Once you’re aware what a coach will do and how much time it’s likely to take up in your busy life it will make the choice of choosing one much easier. Think of the use of a coach as an investment, in the same way you would extra qualifications. The initial cost of a coach will be recovered many times in the future.