Qualifications For US Border Patrol Agent – Border Patrol Exam Tips

If you are currently contemplating in pursuing a career as a Border Patrol Agent, now will be the perfect time. As of now the agency has been continuously hiring new agents, its goal is to double its work force in the following years. Currently, US Border Patrol efforts are being supported and supplemented by 6,000 National Guard troops. To offset this support, the Border Patrol’s goal is to place 6,000 new agents, agents, which would bring the agency force to a total nearing 18,000.

But before you apply for the position, you will need to know the qualifications needed by the Agency. Below are the following requirements to be considered as a potential candidate.

The key requirements are:

– U.S. citizenship
– No Conviction of Domestic Violence
– Residency requirement – Candidates must be a US resident for at least three (3) years
– Must have valid driver’s license at the time of appointment
– Age requirement – Candidate must not be 40 years of age at the time of appointment
– Medical exam
– Drug Testing
– Physical Fitness
– Background Investigation

However, even if you qualify for all the qualifications, you still need to pass the Border Exam before you become an agent. This is the part of the screening process that most candidates fail. Most applicants go to the exam thinking that it will be breeze, and after they take the test they feel that they were so unprepared. The Exam in as easy as you think, According to statistics for every 30 people who apply to take the Border Patrol’s written exam, only one enters the Border Patrol Academy. Only about 40 percent of the applicants pass the written exam.

So this will give more emphasis for candidates to study for the Exam. The U.S. Border Patrol entrance examination is a three part test which covers logical reasoning, Spanish language (or, if you don’t speak Spanish, an Artificial Language that predicts your ability to learn Spanish), and an assessment of your past experience.