High-Intensity Training, Lose Weight, And Build Muscle With Personal Trainers

High-intensity training is a proven training system that works I use it my self I’m a personal trainer and I applied these methods with all my clients whether they want to lose weight, build muscle or simply for their health & fitness. I’ve followed these methods of scientific research of high-intensity training for sometime now based upon the research of Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer that when applied properly this method of short 40-45min intense training sessions can deliver fantastic results.

Ok, lets take a look at intensity to help you understand the concept of it most people just go through the motions with training or do to much seeing little or no results at all, remembering that high-intensity muscular contraction is the most important step for the stimulation of increasing muscular size and strength in return helping you burn body fat along the way, the duration of the exercises are not important, high-intensity muscular contraction in terms of practical application to bodybuilding this means that harder you train the less time you will be able to spend in high-intensity training, so when you look at it there’s only one you can do you can train hard or train long but you can’t do both. And since we all want our fitness levels and muscles to grow in the fastest time possible we need to do that little bit less in the the gym keeping our training sessions to a maximum of 40-45mins tops, as long as you train your hardest each session with complete muscular failure this is required to achieve growth of muscle, improved fitness levels and helping you lose body fat, as when using resistance training your metabolism is 40% higher than normal and it continues for up to 4hours after training so your burning cals if when you’ve finished you will see results faster than C.V training alone.

Only high-intensity training can force the body to stimulate muscle growth in the fastest time possible than any other system out there. Repeating tasks that the body has adapted to will do very little to in terms of muscle growth, when you end a set at a number for example, 10 reps or just because it started to get hard at the end of your set then very little muscle growth would of took place.

When you have a personal trainer to take you through a high-intensity training session to ensure you are taking each set to the point of failure, lifting a heavier weight for strength and a mixture of training methods you can and will if applied properly will deliver fantastic results.

As a personal trainer I’ve done my research and found the high-intensity training method is the best way to see results fast.


With your personal trainer anything you do to increase the intensity in your workout is a step in the right direction in order to raise the intensity factor in your workouts it can be done in four ways:

1. Increasing the amount of weight you use every workout.

2. Adding other training methods, i.e., super-sets, tri-sets, pre-exhaust, post-exhaust, forced reps,…..

3. Decreasing your rest time in between sets and exercises.

4. Carrying every set to the point of total failure.

When ever our strength increases the amount of weight used must be increased. Once you can lift a weight with ease then you are know longer stimulating muscle growth there for you must increase the weight to keep delivering results, Increase the weight as required so using a weight you manage 10 reps increase the weight until your maximum rep is 6 reps, this is the way of progressive resistance training.

When decreasing the amount of time it takes to rest between sets and exercises an increase in effort must be made to complete a given workout there for you are increasing your fitness and intensity to get the training session done in a faster time with a maximum of 40-45mins.

Also using other training methods increase the intensity with super-sets, pre-exhausts and giant-sets, drop-sets, tri-sets, all help increase intensity get the workout done in a faster time as well as increase fitness in the C.V system.

The most effective way in raising the intensity factor is training to complete muscular failure, what does training to complete muscular failure mean? with your personal trainer present continue doing a set until you can’t know matter how hard you try you can’t perform another repetition in that set that is complete failure.